Metal Shaping:

Metal shaping is another service we offer at the shop, over the years of restoring cars,  we have encountered many panels that couldn't be simply purchased or easily replaced. In many instances certain panels must be re-produced starting out from a flat piece of sheet metal. We have decided to offer sheet metal shaping and fabrication as a separate service that may appeal to hobbyists, and professional shops alike. Whether you are restoring your own project at home in you're garage, or you run a professional shop that does not want to get involved in the restoration process, we may be able to help you with your sheet metal needs.  If you have a project that you need help with feel free to contact us and we can discuss options for repairing or creating you're panel. 

Creating a panel from scratch can be very time consuming and costly, in many instances we may be able to repair you're current panel at a fraction of the cost. Before you toss the panel to the side, send us some pictures or bring the panel by and we can inform you on the best method for performing the repairs you need.