One of the advantages of partnering with Auto Rod Technologies in the building of your dream vehicle is that you will also become a partner in the completions of our dreams. Which is to put the best combination of vehicles back on the street and out on the show circuits. We are not just building vehicles, we are building friendships, restoring history, and creating what we would like to refer to as rolling art.



If you are in the market to treat your classic to a full restoration Auto Rod Technologies can handle the task. We have become known for our rotisserie restorations and attention for detail. Call or message us to discuss your project and get on our schedule.



When you are prepared to go to the next level, and would like to add modifications to your restoration, or have another project in mind, give us a call and we can discuss the endless possibilities that we have to offer. 

13477 Studios

13477 Studios is our newest project, a combination of our metal working talent combined with art, this will be a slow moving project but stay tuned for updates and keep a eye open for when our products become available for sale as they won't last long. 

Metal Shaping

Another highlight of our shop is our capabilities to work with metal, if you have a vehicle and can't find a body panel, contact us as we have the equipment and knowledge to build a panel or repair the one you have. 


About our shop

Auto Rod Technologies is hidden in a small town in Southwestern Michigan called New Troy. We operate out of a fairly small brick building that is older than a lot of the vehicles we work on. With our jam packed schedule our shop is typically pretty full, but we have learned to operate rather efficiently out of our little building and we plan to continually add to the history of our location. With our work load we could easily expand into a new location but as of now we have no plans to leave our current location. We have a storage building for idle vehicles and it has worked really well with our schedule as we can only work on so many projects at one time. If you would like to help us continue to add history to this location make a trip out to see us to discuss any project you may have in mind.